Cadillac Catera

Cadillac Catera
The finest car of the 1990's!

On the occassions when the Catera actually works...


Jenny's 1998 Catera


Repair log

  • 32K - bought car - had rear window regulators and motors installed to fix inop windows
  • 36K - had oil changed and air filter
  • 41K - had oil changed
  • 42K - oil light flickering -needed 1.5 quarts of oil (talked to the tech he filled it short)
  • 45K - check engine light, idles rough, Scanned Codes P0135 AND P0155 - misdiagnosed - Bank 1 Sensor 1 and Bank 2 Sensor 2 had replaced with after marked
  • 45K - pulled out of dealer and the check engine light is back on - misdiagnosed - replaced ECM.
  • 45K - Drove 20 miles check engine light back on.... the Diagnoses continues.....
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