Cadillac Catera

Cadillac Catera
The finest car of the 1990's!

On the occassions when the Catera actually works...


1998 Caddy

The 1998 Catera actually belongs to my daughter. We found this car used and purchased it for $4500 with 50,000 miles on it. She needed a decent dependable vehicle for her and her daughter. The engine was clean enough to eat off, brand new tires and the interior very clean and in great condition.


Cadillac CaTERROR Owner

I thought with a car that was this nice and has such low miles on it, how could we go wrong?

She has not had it a year and we have already spent $1,100 on it! We first had the tensioner pulley recall done. After that we replaced the timing belt. We also replaced the valve cover gaskets. The horn did not work so we replaced that. A couple of bulbs in the headlights and the 3rd brake light now only lights half of it.

We have a coolant leak that we just paid $335.00 to have fixed however it is still leaking! Not sure what now. I absolutely wish I had never laid eyes on this terrible excuse of a car that Cadillac has attached their name to. It is the worst car Cadillac ever made. It looks great, rides smooth and is fun to drive but unless you can do the work yourself you are doomed. If I could sell it today and buy her a Honda I would in a heartbeat.

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