Catera MV6

Cadillac Catera

Cadillac Catera
The finest car of the 1990's!

On the occassions when the Catera actually works...


Catera MV6

I think I am one of the very few lucky people with these cars. My story began back in the fall of 2006 when I was looking for a larger sedan to replace my DODGE NEON with full racing suspension... That car was just too hard to drive on 5hr trips between Michigan and Chicago.


Anyways I have been always looking at these cars as something exclusive and rare much like the AUDI S8, the RS6, BMW M5 etc.... it was a special looking car and I knew it was OPEL in europe, and opels are awesome.

Anyways I was browsing on eBay and one day I came across this 2001 Catera SPORT with 59K mi located in FLORIDA. I kept an eye on the auction, got a loan preaproved and then one day, the car dissapeard, it was bought through the listing... Of course I was sad because at the time any sport I can find was priced at 11-12K. Well 2 days go past and the listing is back up, and the seller appologised, saying some lady hit the "buy it now button". So I jumped the gun and purchased the car, I paid 8,000$ for it. Bought an air plane ticket which cost me 44$ one way to Florida... jumped on the flight on Tuesday and was in Florida sometime around lunch.

The seller was kind enough to pick me up from the air port and not 15min later we were at his shop where the car was parked outside just as it was in the pictures. He gave me the keys and let me check the car out, I took it for a spin, and it was solid as a car can be... felt like new, interior was spotless, exterior was shiny, and motor was just plain quiet and purry...

So I signed the check got the title, and headed off to Michigan... the trip was roughly 1400mi, and was supposed to take around 21hrs to complete... Well I filled the car with gas at 4pm in Florida and headed back towards Michigan... At the time i had no idea I could have issues with the car and if it would have broken down along the way that would have been a disaster. Well the car made the entire trip, I was in Michigan the following day at noon so I made the trip in just over 16hrs and something like 4 tanks of gas, average was 400mi per fill up. I didn't stop anywhere, I was getting food and bathroom brakes at the fill-ups. Having never owned such a large car, my first impressions were fantastic, the car was soft and smooth, but when you pushed it through the curves in the mountains it stuck to the road like glue, and it felt sporty yet comfortable.
The engine left the biggest impression on me as it was smooth, and quiet with loads of power all over the power band.

When I got home first thing I did was an oil change and a check of all the fluids, after a 1600mi the car did not burn through any oil, all the fluids were n check, tires were great, HIDs were awesome in the night, and I didnt feel one bit tired after such a long trip, I think I was still high on adrenalin form the new ride.

Later on I did routine maintenance, oil changes, coolant flush, transmission and rear diff service, also did the tie rod ends, alignment, just the typical stuff.
Timing belt was done at 95K, brakes were flushed and filled with DOT4 fluid soon after that. New GTO brakes were installed around the same time.

Today, the car is still in fairly stock form, it has a Steinmetz Muffler, 2 cherry bombs, KN filter, GTO springs, brakes, new bushings all around, and some nice wheels. The car still handles and drives like when it had 60k, except now it has 145K, still going strong.

The issues I've had with it was the K134 Relay, water pump that started leaking on me, and stuck open thermostats 2 times now, and this weekend I will be tearing it up again to replace the stupid thermostat again, otherwise the car takes 15min to warm up even if you are driving and stays consistent at 175deg which is awesome for summer but sucks for winter driving.

Catera Opel MV6

Catera MV6

Cadillac Catera MV6

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