Twin-Catera Alan

Cadillac Catera

Cadillac Catera
The finest car of the 1990's!

On the occassions when the Catera actually works...


Two X 2001 Catera Sport
87k miles

I would suggest that if you're not mechanically inclined to pass on this car. Sell it to me cheap!


I own two identical Cateras

One purchased for my daughter and one for me (I liked hers so much I bought one for myself,) her Catera has been some trouble.

In 40K miles, A/C hose replaced (I found one used on the internet), alternator replaced (mine too) with a used one for $80, no trouble since. I changed the light bulbs in the dash (so easy... really 5 minutes; try that on your Mercedes), a crankshaft position sensor ($180) and $80 for the key when she lost it. Both cars leaked oil and destroyed the coil modules at about $600 per car.

Mine had a coolant leak costing about $250. Bottom line is about $1600 for 80k miles total. That puts my cost per mile at about a dime a mile if you include reasonable depreciation, which is cheap by any measure. 

Some things don't get fixed; her interior lights and my load leveling shocks in the rear. I am not happy, but I am not sad either.

I would never buy another Cadillac of course, and add to that I would never buy another GM car either. -Alan K. Wells

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